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Safeguard animal traps are made with Galfan™ wire as opposed to common galvanized wire.  Independent testing has shown that Galfan™ has a much higher corrosion resistance, resulting in a three-times longer life than traps made with common galvanized wire.  Safeguard traps are manufactured with a heavy-duty reinforced door to provide maximum performance and superior animal retention.  Safeguard's "Professional Series" line offers unique product features such as internal bait tray travel stop, sliding rear release door, 1/2 x 1" 14 gauge wire covering the entire trap floor to protect turf and surfaces, heavy duty galvanized bait tray, additional rod support rings and a heavy-duty door. 

Signatures are required for all Safeguard order over $100. Optional for order $100 and under. If you do not request a signature to be required, we will not be liable for lost or stolen packages.

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