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Model 203 is an Original Series collapsible trap with two trap doors for squirrels, muskrats and similar size animals.

Our Collapsible traps fold to about 1/10th the space when not deployed for easy transportation and storage, yet they come completely assembled and set up in seconds with no tools required.

The two trap door design allows wary animals to see through the trap without obstruction and enter with confidence.

This trap weighs four pounds and measures 24L x 6W x 6H.

It is constructed of 1"x1" - 14 gauge galvanized wire mesh.

One terrific humane trap!

As a wildlife biologist, I have had thousands of hours trapping animals from bears to mouse sized rodents. This collapsible trap is one of my favorites and highly effective. The key to its deployment, like all traps, is where you put it. You need to watch the behavior of your animals first. So for example, if you are interested in trapping that pesky squirrel that is eating everything out of your garden, the trap should be set on the routes the squirrel uses to enter or exit your garden. Tacked on to the top of a fence line might be an ideal choice. If I don't catch anything in this trap I doubt it is the trap's fault. This trap is sensitive enough that a mouse will spring it. One time I caught a porcupine that barely fit in it. The quills exited the trap in all directions. To release it, I just opened the door on the side of the animal's head and shucked it out at my feet. The porcupine wandered off slowly. - Bernie Peyton, Ph.D.