• Price $45.00 EACH

Model 103 is a live trap designed for squirrels, muskrats, and similar size animals.

This cage trap weighs 3 pounds and measures 19L x 6W x 6H.

It is constructed from 1" x 1" - 14 gauge galvanized wire mesh.

TOMAHAWK 103 19"X 6"X 6"

The stars are for the cage ...not it's ability to catch a squirrel with lighting speed.
The small squirrel has sprung the trap 3 times and gotten out before it closed. ???? It is a flying squirrel and is small, but as large as a Chipmunk. We put a small extra weight on spring plate to add to his weight, since he is small, to spring the trap. The trap sprung but no squirrel. To add insult to this experience we were in a new store here and found the same size cage for $14.95. So sad. :( Oh yes.......he or she is too large to get through the wire. It's so sad to have a squirrel smarter than we are. It's not the fault of your cage as far as we can tell. When we trigger it, it closes very fast. We shall continue to try. If you don't hear from us......he or she did us in. - Lovern