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Duke Model 1100 Standard Single Door Live Cage Trap -  Dimensions 16" x 5" x 5" Mice, Rats, Red Squirrels, Flying Squirrels & Chipmunk Live Trap

The Model 1100 Cage Traps is perfect for Rodent live trapping whether for pest control purposes or for catching mice and rats for feeding to reptiles and other pets.  This is also the right size trap for small squirrels such as nuisance Red Squirrels and Chipmunks. 

Don't let the very affordable price fool you the Duke line of Live Cage Traps is one of the best for quality in the industry.  The Standard Cage Traps feature steel rod reinforced Spring Loaded Doors, pressure sensitive trip mechanisms and a durable, concealable green powder coated finish.  

Place traps near were you see the animals.
Using peanut butter as a lure on a cracker behind the trip pan is effective. 
Peanut butter is one of the best lures and baits for rodents, chipmunks and squirrels. 
Next use sunflower seeds or peanuts on top of that and trail a line of sunflower seeds or peanuts
out the front door of the trap so that there are "free" seeds a couple 
of feet in front of the trap. This "free" meal will help remove the fear of rodents or squirrels from entering the trap.

Setting instruction video:

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