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    The Woodpecker deterrent has been specifically designed and developed as a visual woodpecker deterrent, but has been proven to deter additional birds and wildlife.  

    Woodpeckers generally damage your buildings for three reasons:

    1. They are searching for insects.
    2. The woodpecker creates holes for nesting and shelter.
    3. Woodpeckers mark territory by drumming, also called tattooing, tapping, and rapping on your building because it makes a satisfyingly loud noise that proclaims the bird’s territory and attracts a mate.

    It combines several key components that make this product extremely successful.  The woodpecker deterrent features include “Flash” utilizing highly reflective properties, and “Spin” for wildlife as well.  The continual movement helps in creating the fear factor of danger.  

    For best results Woodpecker deterrents should be installed approximately every 12’ to 15’ apart.  

    Through our extensive research, we have found that it is extremely successful in deterring Woodpeckers, Chimney Swifts, Herons and Geese.  It has also proven successful for additional wildlife.  

    The Woodpecker deterrent is manufactured with all metal components and has no plastic.  It is heavy duty, durable and dependable.  All of the metal components are either stainless steel or aluminum and are made in the USA.  This flasher will outlast all of the others, and can handle strong winds without fail.

    NO assembly required.  

    The spinner is 6" x 3", and comes with a 4" x 9" mounting bracket with screws included.

    Flash-N-Spin Woodpecker

    This is my second order, the peckers are no longer pecking where the first order was installed. They moved to other parts of the house. Hence the second order. - Don P.

    Woodpeckers deterred!

    After trying many, many suggestions to keep Woodpeckers from drilling into our house, I discovered these on line and took a shot. They work!!! I will be ordering more for the other side of our home. - Anonymous

    So Far So Good!

    It seems to be keeping the woodpeckers away.. makes noise when it spins (probably from the metal friction) and emits a great flash from the reflectors in the sunlight. So far, no woodpeckers have been back to visit our house. This gets two thumbs up from me!! - Stephanie


    I purchased these flashers to deter wood peckers from poking holes in my log cabin. Plastic owls just weren't cutting it. These work exactly as described. I like that they have a commercial and purposeful look and feel even though guests to our home have no idea what they are. We found some other "spinning crystals" online that frankly seemed hippie-ish. Note that they do make a slight noise to scare the woodpeckers, and if you place them too close to your bedroom and it gets really windy at night could drive you crazy :) Location is important. Since buying we have seen the woodpecker enjoying trees several hundred yards away versus our home. - Erynn


    I have a woodpecker problem at my house. So far the flashers have deterred them. I hope it continues to work, but very happy at this point. - t. logan

    Woodpecker Flasher

    So far so good!
    We have tried a number of different things to stop Woodpeckers from damaging our house without success.
    As of today(2 weeks after installing the Woodpecker Flasher), we have had GREAT results-no sign Woodpeckers in sight! - Anonymous

    wood pecker repell

    so far so good. parts of my house are 3 stories high so a little difficult for me (77) getting them up so I have only put up 4 of the 12 I bought. However I think they will work great. had a flicker family 6 or 7 birds around here, really going to town. two dead from flying into big windows. the rest I see around but none on the house so far. totally surrounded by woods on all four sides. Its only been a week since I got the four up. Its the best Idea I found so far, in fact my wife just hung one on old direct tv pipe where she has a flower pot sitting on surrounded by flowers on the ground. The deer have been destroying them so she thought she would try this before we but fence around it. - Bill

    woodpecker deterrent

    Have not seen or heard a woodpecker on the house since I installed them . Seems to work great. Easy installation. - Kelly mcgowan

    Great flicker deterrent

    We have used this product on both ends of our home and haven't had a woodpecker or flicker since. - Anonymous

    Highly recommend this product

    Just want to say I am very happy with this flasher and the company.

    Easy to install, prompt delivery and it works! I haven't had any issues with woodpeckers or other critters in/on my house. When I say in, I also think the noise scares off other critters too. I had a mouse in the wall, once this was installed, no mouse.

    It's also attractive and sturdy. We had a really bad wind storm here in Connecticut and all three flashers held up, no problem.

    I am happy to know this product works without being detrimental to the environment too.

    Well done! - Anonymous


    Put them on 16foot poles and slid them up to the highest point of my house. They get a little breeze that keeps them moving a little.
    Up for about 2 weeks now and have not had any woodpeckers! We have had a weather change to much colder weather also, not sure if that is a factor (?) ,
    so far very happy w them!
    One is by my bedroom window and does make some noise as it spins in wind.
    Overall reserving judgement until in use longer.
    Thank you.
    - PF

    Attractive and effective, but loud whirring when the wind blows

    We have a tenacious downy woodpecker that was making huge holes all over the side if the house. We put up 6, then another 6 when he moved to the back. And we had the holes filled and painted. It looks like our woodpecker problem is solved. These things are loud in the wind when they spin really fast. Its sort of a white noise, that were learning to live with. Better than the random louder pecking and the holes! - Anonymous

    As advertised

    So far this has kept the flickers away and not pecking on my vented birdblockers. All mounting hardware was included. Beware these are noisy when it is windy out; don't mount it on a wall outside of a bedroom or the noise will keep you awake. I don't really near these when outside of the house; however the noise transfers through the wood structure and I could see it being an issue if too close to a bedroom. Overall a solid product that seems to work as advertised. - Erik

    Woodpecker Flasher

    Effective and durable. Best product I've found for woodpecker deterrent. Only problem I've found is that when it gets windy the flasher clangs against it's own mounting bracket. This is fixable by adding a 2nd bracket and spinning attachment to the bottom of the flasher. - Anonymous


    Works great, no woodpecker pecking the side of my house. - Frank

    bird deterrent

    Live in a house with cedar siding. After several years of plugging woodpecker holes tried this product. No woodpecker issues since. - FRank Gnau

    Works as advertised, whistlepigs also

    These work to keep the flickers away. They also help keep the whistlepigs away when mounted to something that will transmit the spinning noise into the ground. I put a post into the ground and hung one of these near my woodpile - no more whistlepigs. There is a never ending supply of these little guys so attempting to kill them seemed futile. - Erik

    Very satisfied

    Woodpecker flasher works. Woodpeckers hate it! This was my third purchase of this product.
    Have positioned them just below eaves on house.
    Carol - Carol Evers

    Flashers for woodpeckers

    Installed it 4 weeks back.I see the woodpeckers I the oak trees but they keep away from the house - Anonymous

    Woodpecker Deterrent

    Works great for keeping woodpeckers away haven’t had any problems since putting them up have Cyprus household - Cindy Geddings

    Woodpecker flasher

    Excellent product thus far!!! Very easy to put up and heavy duty, thankfully in high winds as well. Appreciate the product!! Thanks a bunch, JKM - Joni M.

    Wood Packer flashers

    My order came quickly. They were easy to install+look nice on our house. Most important they work very well. No woodpeckers have even attempted to fly near the upper eaves. The flashers are the only thing we've tried that work. A big 5 stars! - Linda Silvasi Kelly

    100% effective for us

    Tried many other things before this, but this is the only thing that has worked consistently for a very persistent woodpecker that was attacking our siding. It has held up well to the elements. Even though this was a more costly option, it was worth it to be done with the constant frustration and repairs. - Anonymous

    Work great

    Easy to install. The woodpeckers are afraid of the spinning motion+stay away. - Linda Kelly

    Woodpecker flasher

    The product is superior to any other's out there. Works great. Recommend - James Quam


    Many years and many attempts from plastic owls, tin plates, to windsocks, NO LUCK.
    After replacing pieces of Cedar siding I found this product and its one month in spring mating and their loud sounds against my house has stopped.

    Thank you.
    JR - Anonymous