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This is the most versatile trap on the market, as it can go virtually anywhere, in or around any corner (inside or outside), or it may be set in a straight line.

Capture mice invading your home with the Safeguard E-Z Set Live Mouse Trap. This trap safely catches mice, allowing for easy and non-destructive pest control. No setting is required; this item runs on an effective double-door system. When the mouse's weight pushes down on the ramp inside, it closes the outer door behind it, sealing it tight. This provides you with a virtually escape-proof holding pen until they can be released back into the wild. The sliding top door makes release a simple and safe affair. The hinged unit may be used in a variety of orientations with the included locking pin. This trap is made from durable metal underneath rugged black plastic. Keep mice out of your home the humane and non-lethal way with the E-Z Set Live Mouse Trap.

Non-lethal, safe for use around pets and children.

Sturdy plastic construction.

Safeguard Multi Catch Mouse Trap E-Z Set Features:
* 20.5' L x 3.375' W x 2' H
* Holds approximately 25 mice
* No setting required
* Effective one-way doors on both ends, trap mice inside
* Sliding covers for rodent removal & cleaning
* Non-lethal
* Vent holes allow for viewing
* Sturdy plastic construction
* Safe for use around pets & children

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