Kwik-Katch XL Trap Station

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Kwik-Katch XL is the ultimate solution for all types of rodents including but not limited to; chipmunks, rats, flying squirrels, red squirrels, and mice.

This versatile trap can be used on the ground, in attics, or mounted onto a structure. It works great for cleans outs and trapping programs. 

-Dimensions: 23in L x 14.5in W x 7.5in H

-Weight: 7lb 12.2 oz 

-Designed for higher catch rate with fewer escapes.

-Comes fully assembled and ready to use; add your bait and go.

-Comes with 4 spring loaded T-Rex traps located inside the main box. 

-Built to last; made with roto molded plastic, and they can stack neatly on top of each other.

This will also work with other size rat traps like the Victor M200, and M326.

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4x Trapper Mini T-Rex Easy Set Mouse Trex Snap Trap ...

Kwik Katch XL

Kwik Katch XL

Kwik Katch XL

Kwik Katch XL

Kwik Katch XL

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