Hercules Putty™ 15' Roll

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Hercules Putty is black adhesive putty that will not run in the hottest weather and still hold a glue trap containing a one- pound Norway Rat.

This putty can also be used on aluminum and vinyl sided houses, where you can't use staples or screws to attach bat netting.

Just a small amount of WD-40 works well as a solvent to remove any residue on siding or other surfaces.  Be advised, oxidized aluminum siding will look "cleaner" when the Hercules putty is removed.

Hercules Putty HP-1-15 is an essential product that will help you catch rodents effectively. It is used to secure rodent traps so it will not move out of place easily. It can also be utilized for placing insect monitors vertically on walls, as well as setting it up under cabinets and countertops, and even upside down.

Each roll measure 15 feet long.

Hercules Putty™ Strong Tape | Catchmaster Pro

Hercules Putty

Works to good won't come off easy if used in direct sunlight. But got it off - Anonymous