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  • Price $84.25 EACH

Now available, the Repeater Rock is an outdoor station and multiple-catch trap in one.  The price is for a case, four stations.  

The low-profile station is designed to be camouflaged while standing guard in outdoor areas and protecting the trap from the elements. It offers a press-and-release lock system, and holes for anchors, a cable locking system or wire ties.  The internal-pullout multiple-catch trap offers quick and easy service.  No bait is needed, the company says — mice enter looking for harborage.

The Eaton Rodent Rock 2G is designed to be used in outdoor areas where you want to offer a descreate rodent control service.  The Rodent Rock 2G (#928 series) triple-purpose bait station can be used for mouse or insect baiting.  It opens fast with aquarter-turn of the key, and features holes for anchors and a cablelocking system or wire ties.  Its pullout repeating trap offers quick and easy service. 

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