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  • Price $26.35 EACH
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    Detour for Rodents-Rodent Repellent is an all natural bio-repellent that detours or drives rodents away from targeted areas.  Detour for Rodents causes stress in the rodent population.  Normally rodents, especially rats are trap shy.  Because of the stress introduced in the population by Detour, the rodent's shyness around rat traps is decreased.  This makes rodent trapping easier and more effective.

    Detour for Rodents will not harm rodents.  Target pests: Seals out: Bed bugs, rats, mice, birds, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, snakes, ants, roaches, scorpions.

    DeTour Rodent Repellent is a CONTACT repellent.  DeTour will not harm rodents.  It is a contact irritant.  This is the first FIFRA 25b exempt rodent bio-repellent and it has applications for interior and exterior rodent management applications for cleanouts, maintenance and preventive programs.

    In order for it to work it must be placed in areas where rodents will come in contact with it and get the product on them.  Once a Rodent has come in contact with the product they will desire to exit the structure and will start looking for ways to get away from the area.

    PRICE IS PER 10-OUNCE TUBE, 12 Tubes per case.

    • Active Ingredient: White Pepper 3% Inert Ingredients: White Mineral Oil (Food Grade ) 87%, Silica 10%

    Historically we have had good results with Detour. - Anonymous