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  • Price $3.50 EACH

48R Series Rat Glue Tray

A result of years of research and development, as well as extensive input from our professional pest management partners.  All 48R Series traps are effective for one full year when used under normal conditions.*

* Extreme conditions include exposing traps to extended periods of temperatures that exceed 120° F, or exposure to excessively dusty areas. Under such conditions, the trap will work but may not maintain its effectiveness for long periods.

This is a two pack of Rat Glue Trays, each trap measures 10.25" x 5.25", and has a Cherry scent.

The Rat Glue Boards have proven their ability to catch rats under the toughest conditions possible-their own natural environment. So when we say they work we're not basing our findings on lab tests. Rather real live tests. The secret is simple, the use of long lasting, atmosphere-enduring, and instant catch-on-contact glues. .

Catchmaster Glue Boards capture rats and mice without poison. The glue boards are ideal to use in food plants, kitchens, restaurants, food processing plants, hospitals, residences, zoos and other sensitive areas where the use of poison is prohibited or discouraged.

Catchmasater's sturdy, low-profile plastic tray reduces the chance of rodents stopping at the edge of the tray. Once rodents step onto the glue board, Catchmaster's tenacious glue holds a rat securely, while just the slightest contact with the glue will hold a mouse. Catchmaster Glue Boards come in rat and mouse sizes. For best results, place Catchmaster Glue Boards directly in the rodent's runway between its nest and food supply -- every 8 to 12 feet for mice and 15 to 30 feet for rats.