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  • Price $11.65 EACH

The T1 Mouse is pre-baited. You simply place the bait station where mice travel and let the 1 oz. extruded bait blox do its work. Because the station is disposable, it can be thrown away/recycled when the bait is consumed. The T1 Mouse is child and dog resistant, a key factor in using it in residential areas.

The 1-oz extruded bait blox contains the acute active ingredient, bromethalin, which kills house mice in a day or two. With bromethalin, house mice stop feeding after consuming a toxic dose, and it poses low risk of secondary poisoning.

The T1 Mouse, while ideal for use indoors, can also be used outdoors within 50 feet of buildings accessible to children and dogs.

Mice in the Plant

I was able to find the product I was looking for very easily on ATS web site. No issues with ordering or with the shipping. If we do need help again with critters in the plant, I will be back to order supplies. Animal Trap & Supplies are easy to do business with - Thanks! - Cathie