• Price $36.09 EACH

The EVO bait station holds 2 mini blocks of bait, 1 regular block of bait divided in two (use gloves when handling) or 2 soft bait packs that will connect to the two metal rods that are included, reducing the time to service because of its easy access and its baiting options.

Fast Service: EVO Mouse utilizes a single locking mechanism to provide quick servicing, combined with increased bait storage capabilities. The station can hold two BLOX of bait or has rods for soft bait - reducing service time because of its easy accessibility and versatile baiting options.

Versatile Design: Triangular-shaped with angled entry holes, it fits flush against a wall or in a corner. Designed with a rounded edge - the station lines up against wall coping for a tight fit.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, its small size makes it ideal to use under pallets, behind appliances or in cupboards.  Place bait stations wherever rodents travel - around the perimeter of buildings and along rodent runways.

Bell Quality: Built with a special plastic polymer, it can withstand extreme environmental conditions.  Patent-pending internal teeth clamp onto soft bait paper to minimize paper displacement for a professional, clean appearance.

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