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Aegis-RP Bait Station for Rats

  • Price $81.95 EACH

The Aegis®-RP balances speed, quality and performance.  It is a fast-to-open station that saves you time and money thanks to a versatile design that accommodates bait, glue boards or traps.

All Aegis stations can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, and feature an entry/exit design that lures rodents in.  A lid that opens away from the wall and the Aegis universal key locking system make servicing quick and easy.


- Allows rodents to see the exit, inviting them to enter and feed

- Low-profile, permitting flexible mounting in tight locations - vertical or horizontal placement

- Short travel distance allows rodents to reach rodenticide quickly

- Strong rotating hinges secure lid and operate down to -20° for long service life

- The only bait station to open away from the wall, making it easier to access and creating a convenient surface for recording data

- Knockout anchor points provide flexible securing options

- Economical choice

- Accomodates rodent traps

- Each station includes 3 vertical bait rods and 1 horizontal bait rod

6 Stations to a case.


Are you looking for a quick-to-service, easy-to-open bait station? Want a way to easily and safely secure a snap trap?  What about an advanced technical design created to attract rodents?  How about flexible mounting options for tight spaces?  Then you’re looking for the Aegis-RP from Liphatech, the leader in rodent control technology.

Quick to Service

  • One universal key opens all Aegis stations.
  • Lid opens conveniently away from wall.
  • Train tunnel entrance and rounded interior sides for easy clean-out.

Enticing to Rodents

The "see exit before entry" design of all Aegis stations encourages rodents to enter.


  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Accommodates bait, glue boards or traps in either position. For information on traps, visit the Partners page.
  • Use vertical or horizontal bait rods (included), or a SoftSecureTM Technology (SST) feeding device.


  • Mechanical hinge secures lid and operates down to -20º F for long service life.
  • Dimensions: 12 7/8 inches long; 7 7/8 inches wide (including hinge); 4 inches high (lid closed); 3 1/2 inches high (lid open).

Bait Stays Fresh & Dry

  • Four fast-draining holes.
  • Using elevated horizontal rods or SST device prevent bait from touching the station floor.


  • SecureV™ Technology reduces the ability of animals to free the bait and is compatible with snap traps.
  • Predrilled holes and knock-out anchor points provide multiple ways to secure station.