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Goose Scram is an all natural granular goose repellent that won't harm animals or the environment.  It natually deters the geese from the protected area keeping geese away for up to 25 days.  

Continued reapplication will train the geese to find other areas to frequent, graze in and nest.  Goose Scram Pro provides strong repelling power without harming pets, people or the environment.  

Use in open areas and other spaces encroached by geese, near ponds, lakes, and river water edge, golf greens and directly in nesting areas.

Contains: White Thyme 0.06% Cinnamon Oil 0.55% Castor Oil 4.00% Fish Oil 1.00% White Pepper 2.25% Cedar Oil 2.25% Garlic Oil 0.06%

Goose Scram Professional provides strong repelling power without harming geese/coots, pets, people or the environment.  A broadcast spreader application is recommended for open areas, turf that is encroached by geese, near ponds & water edges, golf greens and with a hand scoop applied directly into nesting areas.  All season use - doesn't wash off in normal rainfall.  Goose Scram will train the geese to stay away with a 2 week re-application at the start of maintenance plan.  Lasting at least 20-25 days.

Goose Scram

Works just as described, with prompt and efficient delivery. Great price as well. Thanks! - Anonymous

Goose Scram

Works great to help keep the geese away, we have used several times. - Donna N.

Goose Scram

The previous past two years seemed to work pretty good; however, this year, nothing seems to be working; the geese are totally out of control; we chase them, and they leave and just come back to a different area on same property. They must know where the goose scram product is ! It is a good product and does help; but this year not working as well as last two years! Maybe they're getting amune to it as well! - donna & tom

Highly recommended 5 star

Client purchased a 2M dollar home on a pond with large geese population. The yard was covered in droppings. Did one application of a single 22lb bucket with greatly reduced activity in the yard and followed up 2weeks later with a double application (44lbs) Zero activity in the yard for a month. Applying monthly maintenance of single bucket this week. Will update accordingly - Nuisance Wildlife Removal East

No More Geese!

A few years ago, the geese left a disgusting mess! I'm one of two properties with a lawn at our lake house. I've been using GooseScram for the past few years. The geese stay off the beach and lawn. My neighbor is now using it as well and our lawns are free and clear of the mess! If you're concerned about the scent, it's pleasant. You can smell the cedar and some cinnamon. It's an amazing product! - JP in Maine


recommend 3 week treatments - Tec


During summer months 2 week application may be necessary - Anonymous

The Geese Scram!

A few years ago, Canadian Geese were making a tremendous mess on the lawn of my summer rental property. My guests were disgusted. The next year, I purchased Goose Scram and was amazed at how quickly it worked. I've been applying Goose Scram for several years at the first sign of geese and my lawn is beautiful. This stuff works! - John P