The Intimidator HIGH WIND

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Suitable for areas such as mountain top structures, open fields, docks, & lake shore structures. The top piece is the same as the original Intimidator, but the bottom piece is more heavy duty. Comprised of the same materials as the top piece, it takes a bit more wind to move it, but keeps in contact longer in heavy wind areas than the original bottom piece.

The Intimidator is a professional grade avian deterrent which uses motion and bright flashing to scare away woodpeckers and other birds from unwanted areas. Woodpeckers can cause serious damage to homes and other buildings.


  • Four holographic sides on two separate spinning parts
  • All metal components for longevity
  • Outdoor grade holographic tape
  • Glow-in-the-dark sides for low-light conditions
  • Effective with minimal air movement
  • Coverage from 10 - 40 ft.


Attach the Intimidator above the damage areas (typically along siding and trim boards). While on the ladder or roof and prior to installation, slowly rotate the product in the sunlight, noting the light refraction. It should reflect on or near the damaged areas. In some cases custom posts may be necessary.

  • Breeze must cause eratic movement of the light beams
  • Multiple Intimidators are necessary for larger infestations

For challenging applications consider using with Optical Gel for a powerful 1-2 punch.


Intimidator High Wind

We had a problem woodpecker who was visiting daily and drilling holes in our wooden siding in AZ. We installed 3 of these as instructed. He came back one time a couple of weeks after we installed them but only for a couple of minutes and has not been back since. They do withstand high winds as we have had a windy Feb/March this year. We have physically untangled the highest one twice but that was done easily with a long fruit picker. We are pleased with this product. - Anonymous

Great product

Great product and value. We will see how it holds up to hurricane season. My customers love them. - Anonymous

If you have high winds, this is your go to!

I'm amazed at how well these are holding up in an area that regularly gets 60 mph gusts! - Anonymous