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Visual Woodpecker-Bird Repellent.  Possibly the easiest, yet most effective method of reducing or eliminating expensive woodpecker damage.  No batteries, cords, or other maintenance requirements.  Small 2" x 6" inch reflectors are wind operated, easy to install and durable.

Comes ready to install with manufactured support wire, all you need is a hammer and a nail.  Directions included.  So simple most people can't believe it actually works.  Major pest control companies use this product.  If they use it, then you know it works!  

For best results hang one on each corner of the house so the bird(s) will always see one, otherwise they will just move to where they do not see the Flasher and continue their behavior.

Flasher for woodpecker Bird Deterrent is wind operated and it is best hung from the outside corner of buildings.  At this location it can receive wind from 270 degress, as well as increasing visibility to the woodpecker.  If trees are present at these locations, move the flasher to a point that receives not only wind but is visible from the area that is receiving woodpecker damage.  It is usually not necessary to put it directly at the point of activity, however try to keep it within 20 feet of the damage area.

When using for woodpeckers, cover over any holes that are large enough for the woodpeckers to enter, immediately after installation of flashers.

When using for swallows, knock down the nests immediately after installation.  Do not be alarmed if the nest needs to be knocked down a few times before activity is reduced.

This product has shown some promise as a deterrent for geese on lawns; hang in a windy/ sunny area 10-12 feet off the ground.

If the birds seem to get used to the presence of the flasher after awhile, try moving it to a new location.


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John was great. The flashers were sent timely. However, they are the industrial version. Large L-bracket and large flasher portion. I truly wanted the version for a residential home.
I have installed some of them, and gave a couple to a neighbor.
- Marti


Small and discrete flasher for a small area. I like to us in HOA developments - Brandon T

woodpecker deterrant

Unfortunately, nothing works with those creatures
- Anonymous