Inzecto Mosquito Trap

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    The Inzecto Mosquito Trap utilizes a micro-dose of pesticides embedded into the surface of the trap. It is designed for Mosquito Prevention and it utilized at the beginning of the season to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases such as Zika, West Nile, and many others.​

    Simply activated by water, the traps and chips, the trap provides three months of Mosquito Control.

    Tested and proven safe for animals, people, and the environment, INZECTO provides the perfect alternative to spraying large quantities of pesticides while effectively controlling the mosquito population.

    No more topping off pesticides. Just add Water, How Simple!


    The INZECTO Mosquito Trap kills Aedes species mosquito larvae. The larvicide, pyriproxyfen, kills larvae that hatch from eggs from water entering the trap. 

    INZECTO Trap is for used to kill larvae, thereby preventing emergence of adult container-breeding Aedes mosquitoes that may transmit Zika, dengue, or chikungunya virus to humans.


    ATTRACTS Females Mosquitoes with its Color, Shape and Scent

    KILLS 97% of Mosquitoes on Contact 

    PREVENTS 100% of Larvae from Developing 

    EFFECTIVE for Three (3) + months

    Our patented coating inside of the trap utilizes a micro-dose of insecticide embedded into the interior surface. Designed for mosquito prevention, utilize traps at the beginning of the season to prevent the annoyance of urban mosquitoes in your yard that can carry dangerous diseases to humans such as Dengue, Zika, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, West Nile, and others.


    INZECTO Mosquito Trap shape & red/black coloring proven to attract female mosquitoes Insecticides embedded into micro-porous coating inside of trap provide maximum safety Insecticides located ONLY inside of the Trap to prevent human, pets, and wild animal contact Effective prevention of emergence of urban mosquitoes such as Aedes aegypti mosquitoes Larvae food source of leaf-infusion mixture creates a perfect breeding ground

    Simple installation: Just Add Water and place it in a shaded area of the garden or landscape Manufactured with 50% recycled plastics and packaging
    Long-lasting efficacy minimizing replacement costs and requiring no reapplication of actives Recommended disposal after three (3) Months


    UNIT OF MEASURE: 12 per case, 480 per pallet



    COVERAGE AREA: Place Two (2) Traps Every 3,000 Sq Ft.  Each trap covers 1500 square feet.


    Fill the INZECTO Trap to the top with water. 

    Hang from a Tree or Place on the Ground Under Trees / Shrubs

    For best results, check the water level in the Trap periodically. ​

    ​Ensure Traps are always maintained in an upright position.

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    Inzecto Mosquito Traps in Florida

    I'm on my second round of these traps. I'm using six at a time around the house/deck because the mosquitos are so bad here in Florida. The situation has definitely improved. I'm hoping as time goes on I'll be able to use less of them at a time - hopefully four. They are a bit pricey but if I can get them under control and be able to use less that would be great and more affordable. But thank you. It's the best option I've found so far to get rid of these insects. I learned about Inzecto through a pest control company who was at my place for another reason. - Marty Willilamson