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The Fogmaster Junior is a small but powerful tool used for eliminating odors in enclosed areas.  Fill with D.S.V., Odor Eliminator or your favorite liquid deodorizer and let it run for 15-minutes at a time.

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Small general utility fogger

The baby of the Fogmaster family, the Jr 5330 is constructed of corrosion resistant materials and offered in 120 and 240VAC models.

The standard unit comes with a 1-quart tank, which makes it light and maneuverable. If you need more liquid capacity, you can get the Jr with a 2-quart tank.

When a smaller or less expensive fogger is needed, consider the Jr. Among its many uses are:

  • Car detailing 
  • Rental car turnarounds 
  • Remove hotel room smoke odors 
  • Treat pet stains and odors 
  • Spray on disinfectants and sanitizers
  • Control flying insects on patios and lawns 
  • Apply BT or soap solutions to gardens (gets undersides of leaves) 
  • Mist cut flowers and interior foliage 
  • Apply waxes and shines 
  • Soften leather 
  • Apply preservatives and lubricants 
  • Foliar feeding for hydroponics and small greenhouse growers
  • Spot mold remediation.

The Jr is easy to use.  Twist the power head to detach the tank.  Pour in your solution.  Another half twist and you're good to go.  Slide the switch on the handle and adjust the rotary valve to set droplet size. 

The Fogmaster Jr - for those "in between" jobs - too small for an industrial unit, too large for a trigger sprayer or pump-up.

Motor 533010: 1/4 Hp, 120VAC 50/60 Hz, 3 Amp; 
Liquid Capacity One quart [950 ml]

Any lightweight liquid*. Nozzles can atomize both oil-based and water-based fluids. 

[* Do not use to apply flammable liquids.]

Particle Size 15-40 microns, adjustable.
Discharge Rate 0-3 oz [120 ml] /min, adjustable
Power Cord, Plug Options 9 ft, NEMA 1-15 [US]
Materials of 

Nozzle and Housing - nylon
Tank - High density polyethylene
Seals & O-rings - Viton®
Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl
Fittings - brass
Tank gasket - Buna-N (standard); 
    Optional: Urethane foam, Viton®

Dimensions Height: 10 in [25 cm]
Width: 4.5 in [11 cm]
Length: 11 in [28 cm]
Packaging Single unit
Cases: 6, 12 or 18 units
Pallet: 105 units
Shipping Weight

Single unit: 5 lb [2 kg] 
Case 6: 30 lb [10 kg]
Case 12: 54lb [22 kg]
Case 18: 80 lb [32 kg]
Pallet 105: 510 lb [200 kg]

Warranty One year

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Fogmaster jr.

Wonderful little machine. Does exactly what it's supposed to do and has been very handy for us. Highly recommend! - Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control