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Victor® Poison Moleworms™ 25 pack M6009PCO

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Victor® Poison Moleworms™

It’s a startling (but true) fact that moles consume between 70% and 100% of their body weight in food each day. Not so surprising: earthworms rank high as a favorite food source – which is why Victor® Poison Moleworms™ were cleverly designed to look and feel just like the real deal. If you were to close your eyes and hold a Poison Moleworm™ and a real worm in each hand, you’d actually find it hard to feel the difference.


These ingenious baits are formulated to be exceptionally palatable to moles – meaning, the moles find them to be downright tasty, which is why these poison worms are the best way to kill moles. When eaten, the poison bait swiftly kills the underground varmints. End result? The moles - and your mole woes – are history.

Locate Active Tunnels

Selecting the proper area to place the Poison Moleworms™ is essential to successfully getting rid of moles in your yard. Begin by locating active tunnels. Make one-inch holes in the roof of a tunnel and mark the openings with the locator flags included in the Poison Moleworm™ package. Revisit the holes after 24-48 hours. Tunnels that have had holes resealed are an indicator of mole activity and a good place to bait.

Proper Bait Placement

After you’ve located an active tunnel, simply poke a hole that’s slightly larger than the diameter of the Poison Moleworm™ in the roof of the active tunnel and drop the mole killer in. Reseal with dirt and repeat every 5 to 10 feet.

Quickly and effectively kills moles in 12-24 hours.

Uniquely formulated – highly palatable to moles. looks and feels like real earthworms. For use in underground runways or subsurface feeding tunnels. Easily locate runways with active tunnel locator flags. Simple-to-use – just drop bait into holes in the roof of mole tunnels. Safe: disposable gloves included – prevents contact with bait.

Active Ingredient: Bromethalin


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