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               This single feed strychnine grain bait for the control of pocket gophers is unsurpassed in commercial and contracting operations.  

    It’s available to the rancher and homeowner alike.  

    The groated oat has numerous flavoring and agents incorporated onto and into the naked oat kernel along with extenders and anti-mold agents to insure lengthened quality in storage and in the tunnel feeding regime.  

    Step up to the most attractive and palatable bait.  Get results from quality and research.

    RCO International, developer and manufacturer of the "Contractors Choice Bait" for Pocket Gophers, is proud to announce that RCO Omega Gopher Bait is available in more stores across the U.S. High product efficacy along with growing product knowledge by our dealers and distributors continues to drive this great rodent bait.

    • •Ready to Use Bait that stands up in storage and in the tunnel system. Antimold Additives give staying power and aid in the continued attractiveness of this oat bait. Palatability is delivered and results that you need are provided.

    • •Flavor Enhancers incorporated into Omega Gopher Bait allow it to compete against the gophers preferred and available food. Omega has two flavors that work in tandem to motivate this temperamental eater that really has an addictive nature when it comes to certain foods in its domain.

    • •Year round application of bait can achieve excellent results.  Gophers readily receive baits except during very hot or very cold days.

    • •Non-restricted bait.  Does not require an applicators license to buy. Even homeowners can use the best bait available to the professional applicators. 

    • •Easy to use with user friendly directions on CRC containers for safety and convenience.

      About Gophers: Pocket Gophers are a fossorial (burrowing) animal that works throughout the year, not resting like a squirrel, that hibernates. The gopher's body structure is well adapted for their domain. Their large incisors and foreclaws allow for extensive excavation work which really opens the underground door to continuously growing food sources. They are herbivores and consume nourishment when weather is moderate. When its crummy, too hot or too cold, they will rely upon previously gathered food that they have stored in a number of caches throughout their systems. Gophers start bearing litters in early spring and have multiple litters depending upon soil temp/moisture/crops available to the pest. Above ground crescent shaped mounds reveal activity. Average populations vary with species and crop type, higher in alfalfa and other legumes. Gophers love deep succulent tap rooted plants with adequate water.

      Control: Methods vary and so do results. Baits as well as traps are used by professionals. The ease of baiting and its relative safety along with RCO's high control levels contribute to its broad acceptance by professionals and home owners alike. Baiting is faster than trapping and less expensive. We believe that any successful program includes all methods that the manager, contractor or homeowner feels they can be most successful with. Always try to communicate with consultant before setting up a strategy for controlling this pest.


    It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

    USE RESTRICTIONS: This product may be used only in manual, subterranean applications in terrestrial food crops, and terrestrial nonfood and forestry areas to control the following species of pocket gophers: Northern (Thomomys talpoides); Southern (Thomomys umbrinus); Camas (Thomomys bulbivorus); Valley(Thomomys bottae); Mazama (Thomomys mazama); Plains (Geomys bursarius); Mountain (Thomomys monticola); and Townsend’s pocket gophers (Thomomys townsendii).

    Bait must be deposited in pocket gophers’ underground runways. Do not apply bait above ground. Do not apply this product by means of a burrow-builder machine. Do not apply this product over food or feed crops. Do not expose baits in a manner which presents a hazard to humans, pets, poultry, or livestock. Keep pets, domestic animals, and people not involved with the application out of the treatment area while product is being applied.

    BAITING: Burrowing pocket gophers throw out low, fan-shaped dirt mounds on either side of their underground runways. Short lateral tunnels connect the mounds to the main runway. Except when a pocket gopher is throwing out dirt, its lateral tunnels are plugged with soil at the mound, often creating a horseshoe-shaped depression. Pocket gophers may be controlled by placing bait in the main runway, after gaining access by removing plugs in lateral tunnels or by probing soil to locate the main runway.

    LATERAL TUNNELS: With a long-handled spoon or other suitable tool, carefully remove dirt plug. Insert a teaspoonful of bait at the junction of the lateral tunnel and the main runway. Re-close hole, taking care to exclude light and not to allow soil to cover bait. Pick up and properly dispose of any spilled bait.

    PROBING: With a metal rod or other suitable implement, probe soil 6 to 8 inches around mound, starting from plug side, to locate main runway. When runway is entered, resistance on probe will decrease abruptly. Remove probe and insert a teaspoonful of bait through probe hole (enlarged if necessary). Cover opening with a rock, a clump of soil, or other object that will exclude light. Take care not to permit dirt to cover bait. Pick up and properly dispose of any spilled bait.

    APPLICATION RATE: Make two to five sets per burrow system, depending upon its apparent size. Depending upon pocket gopher density, one pound of bait will treat one to eight acres.

    Available in these States:

    New Mexico
    North Dakota
    South Dakota

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    Omega Gopher Grain Bait

    This is a Great Product! Gopher population has dwindled!!
    Will buy againe when it's time!! - M. Perez

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    Rodent bait

    Just finished today baiting one pasture will have a review in a few weeks - Roxie Jimenez

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