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Trapper's Hide and Fur Tanning Formula.  You can tan your own furs and hides.  Works for professional taxidermy use and home tanning.

8 oz. bottle tans one deer hide or several furs.  Bear and moose require 3-4 bottles.  Deer hides can be tanned with hair on or off.  Tans all furs, and also does snakeskin and alligator.  

Produces soft Indian-style tan.  

Directions included.

Easy home tanning of all game hides and fur skins. 

Pre-mixed and ready to use

Tans deer either hair-on to make a deerskin rug or mount, or hair-off to make buckskin leather.  Tans all fur skins-coyote, fox, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, muskrat, beaver, etc.  Also elk, moose, caribou, bear, even snakeskin!

Produces a soft, supple Indian-style tan in 5-7 days!

This bottle will tan one deer hide or two med. size fur skins.  Elk, moose, caribou and bear require 3-6 bottles.


Trapper's Hide & Fur Tanning Formula.

Home use

Have used this product on a coonskin and it worked great will be trying it on beaver and deer hide next - John

Hide tanning

Worked very well - Anonymous

Good product

I used this formula to tan my first deer hide and now I'm on my fourth one. So far it's done it's job. The only thing is it says to let it sit over three days, but I ended up needing almost two weeks to get it to tan all over and dry out. I have no complaints about it, since I'm in no hurry. - Rose

Tanning a hide

This tanning solution works fantastic! Lived up to its reputation. - Bruce

Tanning formula h

Easy to use, always learning about tanning. - Anonymous


Got the product super fast and it works.great! - Amy Dunn

Good stuff

Great experience - Anonymous

Coyote tanning

I tanned a fox and 2coyots for the first time ever and they came out perfect! Great product and easy to do yourself can’t wait till next season! - Jason Reigle