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The Critter Line Guard keeps squirrels from using your power lines as a "highway for chaos".  A solid, free-spinning wheel requires a squirrel to jump over the barrier onto the touch-sensitive spinning cylinders on either side.

The Critter Line Guard is quick to install, easily applied to existing equipment, and can be used on cable sizes up to 3-inches in diameter.

Line Guard Kit: Includes 5 rollers, 2 wheels, 2 "L" Brackets, 6 SS Ties, 2 Conductor clamps, Installation Instructions, packed in heavy duty plastic bag in a cardboard box.


The Line Guard kit is a set of outdoor-rated plastic components that are placed on the electric power lines, telephone, or cable tv, etc. It has five rollers and two large round jump-barriers that rotate independently about the line when a critter comes in contact with them, deterring squirrels and other rodents or critters from gaining access to the roof or attic from the overhead utility lines.

The Line Guard kit is very easy to install, it is designed to be installed on overhead utility lines by qualified contractors of power, telephone or cable companies. For the homeowner’s safety and protection, we recommend installation by qualified utility contractors or similar tradesmen.

The Line Guard is made in the USA of injection-molded, polypropylene, gray in color, with high-quality ultraviolet protection, and is five feet in length when fully assembled.


Line Guard Specifications

Animal mitigation products designed for years of use in all weather conditions.

  Wheel Roller Clamp
Material Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene
U.V. Resistance Additive check check check
Manufacturing Process Mold Injection Mold Injection Mold Injection
Color Utility Gray Utility Gray Utility Gray
Specific Gravity 0.905 0.905 0.905
Tensile Strength 3000 psi 3000 psi 3000 psi
Dielectric Strength 660V/mil (52.3 KV) 660V/mil (52.3 KV) 660V/mil (52.3 KV)
Arc Resistance 160 160 160
Decomposition Temp 650°F 650°F 650°F
Dimensions 4" x 12" x .08" 12" x 3" ID x 0.125" 2" x 2" x 1/4"
Volume 91.8 cc 79.5 cc 4.6 cc
Weight 83.5g 71.9g 2.0g
Weight w/ 1/2" ice 140.4g 180g 6.4g
Wind Loads 207 N 20 N 1 N
Wind Loads w/ 1/2" ice 348 N 203 N 12 N
GREAT Product!

The Critter Guard installed quickly and end easily, and started 'working' within minutes of the installation. The tree rats...I mean...precious little squirrels found it in the path of their 'highway to my house' and they could not get past it. In fact, two fell off of the rollers after just barely jump clearing the end rings...I wish I had video!!! GREAT product that does what it says. - Anonymous

squirrel wall

so far no breaches, so bird seed is only for birds. i witnessed 3 unsuccessful attempts and keep my fingers crossed - jim

Stop Squirrels

The gaurds can be a little hard to click in but once installed I have not had any more squirrels on my roof. - Anonymous

Critter Guard Line Guard

Arrived on time. We're waiting for the power company to install it. - Anonymous

So far so good

Company was super helpful with info. Needed to watch the video to understand installation. A design improvement would be a way to hook the rollers to each other. I was attaching to a very high wire coming into the house. I could not tighten the first piece 5 feet away. I needed to be able to slide the rollers away from the house. So my first piece was only tight enough to let it slide. So far it is holding up and no squirrels. Will see what happens in the fall when they start looking for their hiding spots - Heidi