BurrowRx Smoke Oil 12 pints

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This oil blend can be used in the BurrowRx Rodent Control Sprayer as a carbon monoxide warning agent.  It shows where concentrations of carbon monoxide are, which arms the technician with more information about their treatment.  With that information they can adjust their approach to ensure an efficacious treatment.

Price is for a case of 12 one pint bottles of the BurrowRX Smoke Oil.  One pint is between 22 & 23 treatments.

If you see smoke coming from a tunnel system then you can stay away from the smoke to help avoid contact with high concentrations of carbon monoxide. 

The oil can also be used with several types of industrial smoke machines. The unique blend helps to keep smoke machines from getting a buildup on internal parts. Please check with your smoke machine manufacturer before using this oil to ensure that it will be a good fit.

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It works

Very good product - Anonymous

It works

Very good product - Anonymous

Great Smoke Oil

A great safe product that allows for us to not leave any pesticides behind. Customers appreciate that it is safe for the environment and their properties. - Mole Busters

great product fast delivery

Great product as always, delivery was extra fast. ATS always comes through when I need them!

- Joe


This smoke oil is hard to fine. Animal Traps & Supplies is one of the few suppliers. The price is good. Shipping was timely. Definite thumbs up. - Abt