The Humane Roundhouse Trap 12" x 19"

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This unique trap is patent pending and was designed by inventor Randy Jack.

The unique circle frame of this trap eliminates straight walls and corners for the animal to push against after being trapped.

This trap features a removable bait dish, internal plastic cover to keep trapped animals calm and an easy release door for easy baiting, transfer and release.

The trap measures 12" tall and has a 19" diameter.  

Inventor Randy Jack is a freelance pet product designer and former Portage County Humane Officer.  He currently designs products for several companies around the world.


WEIGHT: 9 lbs

SIZE: 12" Tall x 19" Diameter

WIRE: 1"x1"- 14ga

Works great and well made.

This trap is easy to use. I trapped a hard to trap kitty in under 5 minutes after i saw him hanging around. He was off to clinic in an hour. Very easy to set up, transfer...really well made and spacious. It is set as we speak for another elusive, wary cat. Highly recommend! - Anonymous

Exceptional Trap

I have a feral cat that escaped a traditional humane trap. After that experience, she would not get close to the original trap. We ordered the Roundhouse trap and she couldn’t resist walking in. We were able to easily transfer her for transport to the vet to get her spayed so we could release her. The Roundhouse trap is extremely well made and such a clever design. Perfect for TNR programs. Thanks for a great product! - Heather B

Best cat trap ever used

I purchased this trap due to a difficult to catch feral cat breaking and getting out of my previous conventional trap. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to trap crafty animals. The trap sets very easily and once the animal is in, there is no way they can get out unlike the other standard common traps where if strong enough, the cat can get under the closed door and bend/break the metal. No such issue with this trap, in fact, a few days after I set the trap I was able to catch the feral cat i've been having so many issues with. Great product! - Joel

Roundhouse trap

The roundhouse trap is awesome. I had been trying for 2 months the trap 2 stray kittens. I caught the first kitty within moments of setting the trap. The next day I caught the 2nd kitty in about 30 minutes. They're fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone trying to catch small animals. They're also very well made, will probably outlast me. - Jeannette

Unique design

I like the idea of no corners for a live trap. It arrived on time and as advertised. It did have some sharp metal pieces sticking up at the top of the door, which was leaning a bit inward. My husband filed those and put tape over them so the feral cat would not rip up her paws and claws trying to pull on it. Overall very well-built. The cat was too smart to be trapped, though. I ended up picking her up (I had done a lot of bonding with her each morning) and bringing her in the door to the house. - Anonymous

Worked Like A Charm

I had tried to trap a skittish pregnant stray cat for weeks using a regular rectangle trap that I had spent much more money on, she wouldn't go in it, even though I tried every trick in the book. I set this trap and originally put the bowls just inside for two days, on the third set the bowl in the trigger plate and it worked like a charm. I set it, went inside and watched her trot right up and get trapped. Now kitty is safe inside where it is safe and warm, and she has been given medical care she needs, and ready to have a healthy set of kittens. I couldn't have done this without this round trap. - Emma