MPC90 - Multi-Purpose Converter For All 9 x 9 Traps

  • Price $49.50 EACH

Convert your traditional set traps to positive set traps with Multi-purpose converters. They are used as trap extensions to guide animals directly from den openings into traps. They combine the features of directional nose cones and flush mount converters.

Nose cones direct animals into traps from horizontal den openings, such as holes in the ground or floor of a building.

Flush mount converters direct animals from vertical den openings, such as holes in a wall or tree.

Multi-purpose converters do both. To use as a nose cone, make sure the adapters sliding door is installed and place it over a den opening on any horizontal surface. To use as a flush mount converter, remove the sliding door and place it flush against the den opening of any vertical surface. MPC90 fits 9X9 trap models.  106, 107, 205, 206, 606, S70


WEIGHT: 4 lbs

SIZE: 14L x 10W x 10H 

WIRE: 1 x 1 - 14 gauge