TOMAHAWK 711 CAT DEN (WHITE) 17"x12"x12"

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    Model 711 is our white feral cat den that can be used as a cat handler for transporting animals or to provide a quiet place to hide within larger holding cages.  These dens also provide the option of letting a cat enter the side port door by themselves for treats or to hide then quickly shutting the port door to trap the cat inside for transport without having to handle the cat directly.

    Features a locking side port door, front sliding clear, and comfort grip aluminum handle.  This den also lines up with the rear sliding door of our 10W x 12H" and 10W x 10H" traps for easy transfer of trapped animals.

    These dens measure 17L x 12W x 12H" and are constructed of an easy to clean high density polyethylene.

    The Neighborhood Cats Den is an excellent tool to have for those housing or transporting feral cats.

    Ordered due to request from local shelter

    I ordered this for our local shelter due to a request they put out. The Director said they were received and will be a huge help with their feline rescues and transports. I can't give it a 5 because I am not personally using the product. - KReid