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HAGz Spring Clips XL - Trap Stabilizers for 220-330 Traps (1 Dozen)

  • Price $15.50 EACH

Hagz Spring Clips XL - Fits 220-330 Traps 1 Dozen

Designed to work by itself on 1/2" rods or in conjunction with the HAGz Bracket for extreme versatility. Small and non-invasive, the HAGz Spring Clip XL is inserted through the Spring Coils where it remains always attached, never forget it, and doesn't interfere with the spring eye.

Uses gravity to mount/lock in position on 1/2" rods, simply slide it where you want and let go, easily adjustable to any height on the rod making it a very quick and versatile body grip stabilizer. Use it in conjunction with the HAGz Bracket to stabilize a Body Grip Trap virtually anywhere.

Due to the size of larger traps, it's recommended to place a cross stick or additional rod between the jaws to prevent any spinning.

  • Fits 220-330 Sized Body Grip Traps
  • Weighs 1.08 oz. /ea.
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA

HAGz Spring Clips are simple, non-intrusive devices that were originally designed for the water trapper to stabilize body grip traps.  They are available in two sizes.  The standard size is for stabilizing 160 sized and smaller body grip traps on 3/8" rods.  The XL size is for stabilizing 220 to 330 sized body grip traps on 1/2" rods.  Simply insert the HAGz Spring Clip between the spring coil where it remains always attached so you never lose it, and then slide it onto the rod.



Was skeptical at first, but after using them I have them on all my Conibears. They are sturdy and will work with any trap setting atmosphere you will run across. - Heath