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Vent Repair – What Is A Critter Quitter® and How Does It Work?


• Repairs Damaged Plumbing Vents Without Removing Shingles
• Keeps Frogs, Rats, and Other Animals Out of Toilets and Plumbing
• Injection Molded UV Stabilized Polypropylene Construction for Long Life• Can be Used on Damaged and Non-Damaged Vents
• Embossed Pitch Lines for Easy Cutting
• Anodized Black Stainless Steel Screws Included

Critter Quitter® Vent Repair was developed to allow a quick and easy repair of damaged plumbing vents. This is accomplished by a patented internal component that directs rain into the vent pipe keeping the damaged portion dry. No removing shingles, simply cut to match the roof pitch and slide onto the damaged vent. Tighten the screws and the job is complete.

In addition, plumbing vents are a major access point for frogs, rats, and other animals to enter homes plumbing and particularly toilets. Critter Quitters® solve this problem also. The internal componant creates a screen that keeps these animals out.

Construction is fully injected UV stabilized polypropylene. This is one of the most UV resistant plastics known and will provide decades of protection. Theunit comes with embossed pitch lines to make field cutting to match roof pitchquick and easy, and comes with 4 black anodized stainless steel screws to provide a secure mounting. The unit is attractive and can be painted if desired.

Small will fit up to a 3" vent pipe, and the Large will fit a 4" vent pipe.  

Unlike other products that are either screens or guards that just cover the vent to keep squirrels away, the Critter Quitter® has a patent pending design that takes the rain water and directs it into the vent and out the house drain, thus keeping the area between the outside of the pipe and the damaged flashing from becoming wet.  This stops further leakage into the plywood base, which is called decking in roofer language,  and thus further damage.  Its outside shell protects the vent from squirrels, and it’s an attractive addition to any roof. It doesn’t require any modification to the existing flashing so it can be used on new or damaged vents.  They are easy to install with 4 screws, and come in a standard pitch that will fit most homes. 

Do You Get Frogs, Rats Or Snakes In Your Toilet?

Have you ever heard of a frog, rat, or snake getting into your toilet or sink?  It happens.  In fact it happened to me.  My wife was screaming about a frog in the toilet, and sure enough a giant tree frog was in there.  Later on, my father in law called and said he had a rat in his toilet. Now frogs are bad enough, but rats are dangerous and can both bite and spread disease, plus if they get loose in your house they are hard to catch.

Apparently, the vents are a major way these animals get into the house.  They either jump in or crawl in.  Once heading down they can’t turn around, and they fall into your homes drainage system.  They will swim through the toilet or sink trap and end up in your house.

Critter Quitters® come with a screened inlet that keeps these pests out of your home, and thus out of your plumbing.  So you need not worry about any animals being where they shouldn’t be.  Plus the screened inlet will keep leaves and other debris out of the vent, so it cannot become plugged and slow or stop your sink or toilets from working properly.


Can Critter Quitters® Be Used On New Roofs?

Absolutely.  In fact it’s the best time to install them as the vents will not require repair.  They don’t require any flashing trimming or modification, so they can be installed and protect your vents from potential squirrel attack and keep animals out of the plumbing.

Also as a side benefit, since the vent is protected from the sunlight and the elements, lead oxidation is reduced, and thus roof stains are eliminated.  So no more unsightly gray runs down your shingles making the roof look far older than it is.


Are Critter Quitters® Easy To Install?

Yes, all it takes is a screw driver.  Each unit has 4 screws that hold it in place by passing through the lead flashing and biting into the pipe. This provides a firm mount.  The average time to install is about 15 minutes per unit, and you don’t have to pull up shingles or cut the flashing.  Simply cut the unit to fit, slide it over the damaged flashing and put the screws in place.  Its an easy vent repair vs. an expensive vent flashing replacement.

Critter Quitters® come with 3, 6, 9, and 12 pitch guide lines built in. (In degrees this is 14, 26, 37, and 45.) This makes cutting a Critter Quitter® to fit your roof easy by simply following the nearest pitch line when cutting.

To fit your Critter Quitter®, simply follow these instructions. You will need a tape measure or ruler, and a sawPlace the unit on your vent with the pitch lines heading toward the back of the unit to follow your roof.

  1. Place the unit on your vent with the pitch lines heading toward the back of the unit to follow your roof.
  2. Measure the gap between the bottom of the front of the unit and the roof.
  3. Measure that same distance on the back of the unit and mark that distance.
  4. Cut to the nearest pitch line, or use the line as a guide to cut in-between lines.

They are 14" tall

Installing A Critter Quitter®

  1. After you have cut your Critter Quitter® to fit your roof install the four screws into the unit prior to climbing to your roof. These need to be in holes evenly around the unit. Also note that the two rows of holes in the back of the unit are higher than the front. This allows for roof interference of your screw driver. You can use the lower holes if you have a short vent or either of the two rows if your vent is tall enough.
  2. Place the Critter Quitter® over the vent and flashing. 3 and 4 inch flashing will fit snugly and may require some gentle shaping of the soft lead flashing to get it into the unit. The small 2 ½ inch flashing will require you to set the unit over the vent and work the screws in evenly to allow adjustment of the Critter Quitter® so that is directly centered over the vent inlet.
  3. Tighten the screws using a manual or electric driver evenly. They are self tapping, so they will draw themselves into the vent pipe. Continue to tighten until the screws are all the way in. Make sure you put some pressure on the screw as you tighten it so that it will pull itself into the vent material. NOTE: The material of a Critter Quitter® will strip easily; it’s only designed to guide the screw through the flashing and into the vent. So take care not to over tighten.
  4. Each Critter Quitter® has dimples that run the length of the unit. These indicate where the unit is thick enough if another hole location is needed or the hole strips out. Simply drill a 1/8 inch hole at the appropriate dimple and install your screw.
  5. Confirm that your unit is over the inlet to the vent and your installation is complete.


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The product was just as I hoped. - Gary D.

Critter Quitter Success

Squirrels have eaten the lead off of 3 Pipe jacks on my 2 year old roof. I purchased the Critter Quitters and installed them as recommended. So far, so good. The lead eating squirrels no longer get on my roof. I highly recommend anyone with a critter problem to buy and install Critter Quitter Vent pipe covers. - John W Hughes

Great product

We recently moved to Florida to a new home and ordered this product as a way of preventing future issues,(our neighbors had some issues and when the pest control proof their house I learned about this vent covers) I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of plastic construction and design. We bought 4 small ones and they fit perfectly. My husband cut them with a mitre saw and installed them with out issues. Very easy instructions and video as well.
Highly recommend this investment to protect your home from critters.
Easy order and quick delivery.
- Maria

Critter Quitters

Put over vents on roof to protect from squirrels who eat unprotected vents - Florida

Almost Perfect

I love these, and if I am on a roof installing vent guards or ridge guards, these are a no brainer add on, my only complaint is they stopped making the XXL size. On occasion I have some older homes in our area with cast pipes that the XLs just do not fit over other than that, great product, easy to modify and install. Cut lines and angles are VERY helpful. - Huntsman Wildlife

Awesome Product

Awesome product, very easy to install. I put 7 of them on my house in 20 min! ATS made it very easy to get them as well! - Jonny C

Easy Installation

Best protection from squirrels. - Anonymous

Saved A Lot On Roof Repair

Squirrels got up on the roof of my home and chewed through the lead flashing for plumbing vent pipes. Roofing repair companies wanted $800 each to replace the three flashings. They would just replace the flashing with lead again; giving the squirrels a new set of flashings to chew through again.

The Critter Quitter was the perfect solution to repair and stop further damage to the vent pipes. The nearly $90 I spend on three Critter Quitters was a great investment and solved my roofing problems and eliminated leaks. Do the math. Would you want to spend the $2400 to replace lead flashing only to have squirrels chew though them again, or buy three Crutter quitters for $90 and solve the problem all together? It was a no brainer. - John A