AAC Xclusion Pro® (12 pk) ROOF VENT GUARDS $29 each

  • Price $350.00 EACH
  • Reg Price $420.00


The XclusionPro roof vent guard is the leading roof vent guard in the industry. With its unmatched durability and strength along with its ability to keep out everything clear down to some stinging insects. These guards are 16x16x5 1⁄2 inches and are constructed from a single piece of our 20-gauge galvanneal expanded steal. Once formed and welded they are powder coated to insure they will last.

12 pack of the best roof vent pest guards you’re likely to find.  Just $29/per cover

The long-awaited Xclusion Pro™ roof vent pest guards are made from the same durable material as Ridge-Guard®. 

This guard keeps raccoons, mice, birds, squirrels, stinging insects and more out of roof vents.  The added benefit is damage prevention!

Additional information

Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 5.5 in

Each box contains 12 Xclusion Pro™ roof vent pest guards.


100 self-sealing fasteners come included with the package. Recommended use of 8 per pest guard.

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AAC Xclusion pro roof vent guards

Well made now I dont have to make my own - Anonymous