Away with Geese™ Residential Land Unit

  • Price $355.00 EACH
  • Reg Price $375.00

Away With Geese™ utilizes light to disrupt the sleep of geese, causing them to feel insecure and to seek other habitat.

Each unit features amber, solar powered light that flashes every two seconds and rotates 360°, every night, all year round.  The unit is effective within a 75-yard radius.

The Away with Geese™ Residential Land Unit is designed to be a permanent fixture, shaped like a small pole with the lower end intended to be staked into the ground. The top features a cylindrical amber light that constantly flashes every two seconds during the night.  This light is barely visible to humans but it is highly irritating to geese.  It disrupts their sleep and makes them feel uncomfortable.  In just a few days, they will pack up and leave the premises on their own to find a more peaceful location.

The unit is charged by solar power, so it can go on operating independently with little maintenance for the entire year.  Excessive dirt and dust should be wiped off so as not to impair the visibility of the amber light and keep the solar panel at optimum efficiency but that’s essentially it.

A radius of 75 yards will be fully protected as long as it remains on the grounds.  For a larger area, place more units in strategic locations. Be careful when measuring distances and staking the land units in order to avoid blind spots.  Since it uses light as the primary deterrent, the targets must be within its line of sight.