MIST NET CAPTURE KIT (10'x30' net)

  • Price $340.00 EACH
  • Reg Price $375.00

The Mist Net Capture Kit Includes everything an installer needs to humanely capture and release birds trapped in buildings.

Mist Netting is used to capture and release trapped birds from enclosed areas. When the netting is hung directly in birds’ flight paths, birds will fly into the net, becoming immobile, making it easy to remove them and set them free outside of the structure.

The Mist Net Capture Kit includes telescoping poles for hanging, hook and magnet attachments, a laser pointer and carrying case.

♦ Mist Net fibers are strong, yet extremely fine
♦ Adaptable! Use with poles or hang directly from overhead beams
♦ Humanely capture and release trapped birds
♦ Includes everything needed to capture pest birds – including a laser pointer, telescoping poles to hang the net and special hardware to adapt to different ceiling beams
♦ Lowest cost Mist Net Kit

Each Mist Net Capture Kit comes with a 10’ x 30’ Mist Net, 2 telescoping poles (18' long), 2 hook attachments, a laser pointer, 2 magnet attachments and a carrying case.  The carrying case makes storing and reuse easier than ever.

Mist Net is used to help capture and release birds that have found their way into unwanted areas.  The netting is made from a strong, UV-stabilized lightweight fiber that is nearly invisible to birds.

Mist Netting is ideal for enclosed areas that birds have flown into including:

♦ Warehouses
♦ Grocery Stores
♦ Storage Facilities
♦ Big Box Stores
♦ Air hangars
♦ Garages
♦ And More!

Mist Netting is effective for most species of pest birds including:

♦ Pigeons
♦ Grackles
♦ Starlings
♦ Swallows
♦ Gulls
♦ Sparrows