• Price $2,125.00 EACH

The PATRIOT’S patented Starting System even enables use in areas where poor quality gasoline is all that is available.  Designed from over 50 years experience and built to the highest quality standards, the Patriot will give superior performance with simplicity and durability.

• Reliable performance
• Produces large volumes of fog

Produces more fog than any machine of its size in the  world and can be started from a variety of battery sources.   Patented Fuel Priming System eliminates need for pressurized fuel tank.  A 12 volt starting  system ensures reliable  starting even when battery power declines! 

Ideal for wide open areas where birds are a nuisance, bird fogging is recommended for use against flocks of birds that gather and loiter in parks, golf courses, memorial parks 
and other large open spaces.  
The unit generates an aerosol of methyl anthranilate to produce a “wet fog” that will not penetrate shrubs.  Fogging is best used in open areas where birds fly through or graze in.  Fogging should be repeated as often as necessary to keep birds away.