Away with Geese™ Water Unit

  • Price $375.00 EACH
  • Reg Price $395.00

Away With Geese™ utilizes light to disrupt the sleep of geese, causing them to feel insecure and to seek other habitat. Each unit features amber, solar powered light that flashes every two seconds and rotates 360°, every night, all year round. The unit is effective within a 75-yard radius.

The Away With Geese™ Water Unit was designed to complement the Land Unit model for an integrated deterrent system.

This floating unit may be tethered to a weight or anchor (not included) to keep it in its desired spot. Like the land model, it features a 360-degree amber lighting fixture capable of constant pulses during the night at two second intervals. The small solar panel collects sunlight during daylight hours to power the light during the night.

The light disrupts the sleep of the waterfowl, keeping them on the edgeand eventually prompting them to leave the area in search of more suitable habitat.

The water unit measures 11 inches in height and 15 inches in width.  It weighs 12 pounds.

Its effective radius of 75 yards is the same of that of the land unit, and placement should follow similar protocols for optimum results.

Away with geese water unit

I believe it is working some geese have left but neighbor is making it hard do to the fact she is feeding the geese - Randy