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Humaniac 4' Dual Release Catch Pole

  • Price $114.00 EACH


After many years of listening to animal care professionals, ACES has designed and are manufacturing the Dual Release Catch Pole.  Our patented Dual Release Catch Pole has a dual release mechanism that allows for either an instant release or a quick release, dependent upon the situation.

This Dual Release Catch Pole features improved non-slip grips, automatic locking mechanism, spring loaded noose, heavy duty aluminum shaft, protective bite guard, a thicker vinyl coated noose and the easy to use slide control for instant release.   For the first time you have options on how you want to use the pole. A spring loaded noose release to extend the cable through the pole to release the animal or the slide control which instantly drops the noose from the pole.



  • Dual Release Mechanism (Quick or Instant Release)

  • Non-Slip Grips

  • Automatic Locking Mechanism

  • Spring Loaded Large Noose

  • Heavy-duty Anodized Aluminum Shaft

  • Protective Bite Guard

  • Thick Vinyl Coated Noose

  • Easy Use Slide Control (Instant Release)

  • Release Knob (Quick Release)

dual release catch rod

dual release catch pole demonstration on dog