• Price $145.00 EACH

The EZ Nabber provides a safe and humane way to handle animals, give intramuscular injections of tranquilizers, anesthetics or vaccines can be given through the net. Pets can be transferred from one cage to another without injury or stress to the animal or the practice staff.

The animal can also be bathed in the net.  The net is 1/4" Nylon Mesh, with a Stainless Steel Frame.  The Net is 14" Wide by 18" Long.

Replacement Nets are available separately.

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Saves our skin

We purchased this for our veterinary hospital and it has saved our skin from bites. We have seen a group of feral cats lately and once they get out of the carrier there is no way to get a hold of them. The EZ Nabber allows us to catch these cats once we can get them cornered and give them a sedative. This is much easier on the cats and clinic staff then trying to hold them. - Anonymous