Ztrap Push/Pull Trigger DP Trap

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Brown is in stock today, we only have 7 White left though.

Designed by a professional trapper, The Ztrap catches more raccoon than any other similar trap on the market. Raccoon reaches inside of the Ztrap to snatch bait and trips the push/pull trigger, firing the powerful, double coil springs and holding raccoon for good.

Ztraps stabilizer stake allows trapper to put Ztraps where the raccoon are, like in rocks near waterways, in a soft bank, or pre-drill a hole inside of a concrete or steel culvert, or in a bridge piling for the perfect Ztrap set location. The pointed stabilizer stake makes it easier to drive Ztrap into frozen ground and still allow raccoon to pull trap out of the ground.

Heavy duty chain comes with three swivels, one at stake, one inline, and one at the end to be used for stake or drowner. Ztraps feature durable, powder finish with black, zinc coated spring & trigger components. No waiting for traps to rust, no dying or waxing required. Just purchase and use. It’s that simple!

Important Trapping Note: Use a ZCAP with every trap-set to keep bait dry and prevent mice and small rodents from making off with Zbait. ZCAPS also minimize the chance that non-targeted animals will become caught in trap.

Push/Pull Trigger Patent No. 8,230,642

z traps

traps work great use the caps to keep cats and opes out of it - Norm

DP traps

I bought my 10 year old son a half dozen white traps and he was so excited.

They seem to be very solid and easy to set. We have not caught anything yet, But I know that we will have a blast with these and i am positive that we will be ordering more. - Matt Schoneman

Great place to get what you need

This is a great trap to use and this is a great store to get anything you need. - Charles

Corn disappearing

If the trap is triggered it holds coon very well. Trouble is getting it to trigger. Using shelled corn for bait and several times corn is gone and trap doesn't trigger.

Have to push pretty hard with stick to trigger trap. - Anonymous

Z -Trap

Great trap. Love the push /pull trigger - Anonymous

Solid Trap

Best dogproof-style trap there is in my opinion. Just keep in mind the push-pull trigger means it could increase non-target catch. - Zack

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