Ztrap - No. 6 SKUNK-N-MORE Live Trap Black

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Ztraps, “Spray Proof” Skunk Trap is an effective & humane method for capture and release of nuisance skunks. The 6” PVC tube limits the skunk’s ability to lift its tail. "If skunk cannot lift its tail, it cannot spray" The enclosed confines of the tube keeps the animal calm and prevents the trapper from being scratched, bitten or sprayed.


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*Effective for catching skunks, opossum, cats, rabbits and other similar sized animals. 


  • 24" long x 6” diameter Black PVC tube
  • Heavy duty, “zinc coated” steel components
  • Gravity activated, self-locking door
  • Self-setting trigger
  • Body style trigger design (patent pending)
  • Bait door with food tray and lock, non removable
  • Viewing slots on each end of trap
  • Oversize carry handle
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Ztraps No. 6 Skunk-N-More Live Trap is ideal for catching skunks, rabbits, opossum, feral cats, small raccoons and similarly sized animals.

  • Product does not include bait
  • Open bait door and insert bait into the food tray
  • Raise door and the self-setting trigger sets
  • Animal walks in, pushes the trigger as it tries to get to the bait and the door closes and locks
  • A skunk cannot spray if it cannot lift its tail
Specification Description
Product Length: 26 in.
Brand: Ztraps
Product Height: 9 in.
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Animal Type: Skunks, Rabbits, Opossum, Feral Cats, Small Raccoons and similar size animals.
Bait Required: Yes
Package Weight: 8.8 lb.
Product Width: 7 in.
Package Quantity: 1
Trap Type: Nonlethal
Manufacturer Part Number 5401

Z Trap Spray Proof Skunk Trap


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Skunk trap

Ordered the skunk trap, got it in 3 days!! Haven’t seen the skunk since so I’ll have to wait to try it. Is very sturdy and simple to set. Love the design that allows you to bait from the closed end. Looking forward to trying it. - Doug

ztrap #6

Works well - Anonymous