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    Four 1" x 48" rolls/strips of Xcluder material.  Perfect for filling those fascia board gaps, or any small access point.

    Xcluder™ the best mouse, rat and insect prevention tool professional’s use is now available for the consumer to prevent rodents and pests from finding their way into any structure!  

    Xcluder™ is made from a blend of coarse stainless steel and poly fibers to form a highly resilient and impenetrable barrier against rodents, bedbugs, and other pests.

    100% non-toxic, environmentally safe, easy to install and guaranteed to keep those unwanted creatures out.  Xcluder™ won’t shrink, stain, pull out or corrode.

    Xcluder Rodent and Pest Control materials are 100% non-toxic, environmentally safe, easy to install and guaranteed to keep those unwanted critters out..  Stainless steel and synthetic fibers combine to form a permanent fill material that won’t shrink, stain, pull out or corrode.  Install it once and forget it.

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    So convenient

    This is the best price I’ve found and it’s much easier to use and longer lasting, than using steel wool. Great customer service and fast shipping too! - Amy


    Great pest proof product when applied with appropriate sealant - N.

    Perfect item

    This product is perfect for its use. There is nothing like it in stores. I would recommend this for Everyone trying to seal up their home and even small crevices to keep small animals from coming in. - Anonymous

    Excellent all around

    Ordering was easy. They shipped immediately and the product is great. We had a roof rat problem in this took care of everything and no more rats. Strips are easy to install and you can tear pieces off for custom fit - GEORGIA, US

    Best backing material

    Whether it's bats, squirrels, or mice, this product provides the extra security needed when sealing small gaps to keep the little critters out. Be sure to wear your leather gloves when installing! If the steel mesh can stick our fingers like it does, why would anything else want to chew or push through it? ATS always has it at the ready, to keep us in stock for all of our exclusion needs. - Critter Control of Hamilton County, IN

    Time saver!!

    This is a very good product. we had to fill about 3,000 linear feet of a 1in fascia Gap along the perimeter of a building and not having to cut strips off of the four inch roll saved us a tremendous amount of time and labor. - Sals home Improvement

    Very good steel wool!

    I love using these strips of steel wool. They are dense and have a lot of metal in them. Perfect for small openings and jobs. - Kevin

    Stainless steel wire wool great product

    Great product - Anonymous


    Great product - Anonymous