• Price $32.00 EACH

Xcluder® X2 Aluminum Retainers.

Xcluder X2 retainers afford maximum protection against invading rodents, pests, weather and the health inspector by giving you the option to combine the dual protection of our rodent proof door bottom seal along with a brush seal.  

When installed, the Xcluder Rodent Proof Door Bottom Seal faces the outside providing protection from mice, rats and the elements.  The optional brush seal is on the inside of the door, where it is protected from gnawing rodents, sealing the tiny gaps caused by small imperfections in the floor or the textured surface of a dock plate, eliminating the infiltration of light and crawling pests. 

All retainers are 8'-2" long.  1 3/4" wide on the bottom, and 1 3/4" tall on the side.

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