• Price $10.95 EACH

Prevent rodents like mice, rats and chipmunks from gnawing through the vertical weatherstripping on the sides of garage doors.

Xcluder® Garage Door Rodent Shield is an inexpensive, easy to install exclusion device that makes it impossible for rodents to gnaw their way in through the soft weatherstripping.  The Garage Door Rodent Shield is made of stainless steel with a weatherproof adhesive backing.  When installed on the back of the weatherstrip the Garage Door Rodent Shield provides dependable protection without affecting the appearance of the door.

For complete protection, install the Garage Door Rodent Shield along with Xcluder® Pest Control Door Seals for garages.

 Two x 8” x 1” strips of adhesive backed 300 series stainless steel

 0.05” thickness of material making it perfect for installation on the inside surface of the garage door side seal

 Peel and stick installation.  Installs in under 5 minutes with no tools required

 Prevents damage to garage door side seals due to gnawing rodents

 Made of high quality stainless steel so it will not rust Invisible from the exterior.  Installs on the inside of  weather strip no painting or covering is required.

 Easy installation.  No tools required, just peel and stick

 An inexpensive solution to a common rodent problem around households

 One size fits all.  No need to measure or trim



These are really easy to install. I always clean the wether stripping with soap first. Sometimes the wether stripping is so damaged I put them back to back. My customers love them. - Sutton Weed & Pest Control