• Price $44.31 EACH

Ideal for: Restaurants, Food Processing Facilities, Hotels / Motels, Schools, Food Distribution Centers, and other facilities that require reduced or eliminated chemical pest control.

Xcluder™ Pest Control Door Sweeps provide a barrier that is virtually impenetrable to rodents and other pests.  The reinforced neoprene rubber provides a durable weatherseal that can pay for itself in energy savings.

Easy to install and fit most common door sizes.

Available retainer colors: Aluminum, Dark Bronze, Gold

  •   Height: 2”

  •   Standard rubber gasket with

    Xcluder® core

  •   Suitable for under door gaps up to 3/4”

Easy install

I found that trimming the Xcluder and installing it was very easy. The door was hung strangely where the outside edge of the door was away from the door frame. This caused me to install the Xcluder inside the door. This was the entry into an old one-room log cabin which the rest of the house was built around. The floorboard of the door-frame was slightly warped. A mouse can get through a 1/4-inch opening, so once I beveled the section of the door frame level and install the Xcluder the resulting gap between the door and excluder blade was 1/16th of an inch or just barely touching. I used a Dremel to trim the Xcluder and to bevel the floor.
Thanks for the great product!
Dan - Dan S.