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XCLUDER BLOCKS 2"x2"x7.5" 6pk.

  • Price $30.95 EACH
  • Order 6 at $29.50 EACH

    XCLUDER®; BLOCKS are the ideal exclusion material for all cracks, holes and openings where birds are nesting or roosting. Easy to handle 2" x 2" x 7.5" offer the perfect solution to eliminating open area's for most corrugated metal buildings.

    Stop mice, rats, and other rodents from entering with Xcluder® - - the original, patented and USDA/APHIS tested rodent and pest blocker. The secret to Xcluder® is the coarse stainless steel wool interwoven with poly fibers. This eco-friendly, non-corrosive material creates a protective barrier against rodents and insects without using harmful chemicals or pesticides.

    This special blend of poly fibers and stainless steel mesh "springs back," expanding to fit securely in place after it has been compressed to fit small holes and crevices. The result is an impenetrable, abrasive barrier that prevents rodents and insects from entering.

    Use Xcluder® wherever you'd use steel wool for rodent control. Since it's made from stainless steel wool, Xcluder® won't rust, discolor, or stain like regular steel wool or a copper can. Xcluder® is a permanent solution trusted by pest control professionals.

    • Each block is 2" x 2" x 7.5"
    • 6 blocks per bag, 12 bags per case.  Price is for 6 blocks.
    • Ideal for openings in corrugated buildings where birds, bats and rodents nest.
    • Made in the USA


    Xcluder Blocks - Case