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Wild Hog Scram attacks a Wild Hog's sense of safety.  Blended from selected organic components, Wild Hog Scram will keep Wild Hogs away from your landscape by convincing them that harm is nearby.

Wild Hog Scram repellent will change Wild Hog behavior, instilling in them a fear of predation, causing them to flee from the area.

Covers up to 12,100 Square Ft.

We’re hoping it’s a positive sign

We have been fighting a nightly invasion of feral hogs for a couple of weeks rooting up the front and back of our property . We spread this product as instructed in the areas that had been receiving the most damage and along the treelines on two sides of our property. We also spread Spectracide and fipronil to the whole yard, and between these three products (along with us taking turns at night watch to scare them off), we seem to have broken the cycle of feral hog visits. We feel Wild Hog Scram is a valuable tool in the fight to keep these destructive animals out of our yard. If you have a large area as we do (3.5 acres), it is not economical to cover the whole property with this product, but it can be used in conjunction with other treatments to stem the tide. - MH

Good product

This has been great at keeping hogs out of areas where I have drip systems. If it rains I have to reapply quickly to maintain results. My only problem with it is that I think it is expensive for the amount you get. - Charles Harrell

Works but costly

Appears to work, but too expensive to use on a regular basis - Anonymous

hog scram

effective detouring hogs, however has to be applied monthly, costly. - Anonymous