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Vole Scram professional is a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients specifically designed to reduce and eliminate vole activity with both bad smell and taste.  This repellent is the only one specifically formulated just for voles!  It's easily spread over infested areas.

Vole Scram Professional is an easy solution in a granular form to control voles, easily and quickly applied with a rotary spreader. The triple action formula makes tunnels and soil smell bad to voles, and also makes vegetation (roots, foliage, stems, seeds,tubers and bulbs) taste bad to the voles.  Vole Scram changes the voles normal environment to drive them out of infested gardenbeds, lawns, and turf.  This product contains natural ingredients that are formulated to coat a voles food source with a bad taste.

This product won't harm people or animals and doesn't wash away with the rain.  

Non toxic and environmentally safe.

A 22 lb. pail will cover approximately 13,200 sq. ft.

Very effective

Excellent shopping experience and swift delivery. - Anonymous

It works

I have been using vole scram for several years. It works. My neighbors continue to get voles. But not me. Works best for prevention. Not as effective once you let the critters in. - Anonymous