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Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap M312

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Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse TrapHumane capture of mice in your home or business is easy with this Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap. This large, poison-free mouse trap captures mice in a hands-free, non-lethal manner, letting you release them into the wild. The inconspicuous design makes it ideal for a business, and the secure construction keeps curious children or pets in your home away from the trap.

Easy to Use

This Victor® Mouse Trap is simple to use. Put a bit of peanut butter inside the trap and fasten the lid. Place the trap or traps near where you see mouse traffic and wait. This larger trap can hold up to 30 mice before it needs to be emptied, making it ideal for larger infestations.

Trapping Tips

One mistake many people make is to use too few traps. The most mice are captured in the first night after the trap is placed; afterward, those that remain are more cautious. Using plenty of traps means you can end the infestation quicker. You'll know when you've captured most or all when you stop seeing fresh droppings. When the traps are full, simply follow your local regulations regarding animal release and let them go, far away from your home.

No Poison or Snapping Parts

Victor® TIN CAT® mouse traps are free of poisons and snapping parts, making them a good choice to use in homes with children or pets. The larger traps are also ideal for businesses and can be placed in drop ceilings, near coolers, and anywhere else mice tend to congregate. They're more sanitary than other traps because the mice are fully enclosed in the secure metal box.

Can Be Placed Indoors or Out

These Victor® traps are designed to be used inside or out. Use under furniture, inside cabinets, in garages or even in ceilings and attics to end indoor infestations. Outside, place one near a known entry point of your home or business. These larger-sized traps may also be used in dorms or multifamily housing units to control larger-scale infestations.

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