Victor® Mole Trap 0645

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Victor® Mole Trap

Take control of your garden or lawn with this Victor® Mole Trap. It effectively kills moles without the use of poisons or harsh chemicals, and its weather-resistant spears on the plunger-style trap body lets you use it repeatedly wherever moles happen to pop up in your yard. The safety pin ensures secure operation, and it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Innovative Plunger-Style Mole Trap


Innovative Plunger-Style Mole TrapWeather-resistant spears remain below ground when the trap is set, ensuring the sharp points stay away from children and pets. The plunger-style design effectively eliminates moles in their tunnels to help restore your garden to its former condition.

Durable Trap for MolesThis Victor® Mole Trap is made from weather-resistant materials, ensuring its durability and letting you set it multiple times. It's also equipped with a safety pin to prevent false triggers for more efficient operation.


Durable Trap for Moles

How to Set the Victor Mole Trap


How to Set the Victor® Mole Trap

  1. Place the mole trap directly into the tunnel with the tunnel located beneath the partially blocked trigger pan.
  2. Ensure the trigger rests on the blockage.
  3. The mole's natural instinct is to reopen and clear the tunnel, so if the trigger is resting on the blockage, they will naturally push up on the trigger and release the powerful trap.

When to Set the Victor®Mole TrapSpring is thought to be the best time of year for setting mole traps because the ground is soft and mole tunnels are easily identifiable, but moles can be trapped at all times of the year, including summer and fall.The only time that's not ideal for setting mole traps is in cold or dry weather since the ground is typically quite hard.


Work great! Very sturdy and gets the job done! - Anonymous