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  • Price $34.00 EACH

Victor® Roach Trap and Monitor is a more simple and effective method of monitoring roaches, crickets and other crawling insects.  The new design with multiple access points and two catch areas gives this trap improved performance and greater trapping power.

The scent in these pre-baited traps lures and traps adult roaches, nymphs and egg cases as well as waterbugs, crickets and other crawling insects.

Quick and easy to assemble.  Use as one large trap or separate into two smaller traps. The unique adhesive strip allows you to mount it anywhere -- on walls or under shelves.

The trap has a place for the technician to write the date, location and tech's initials/name to help with monitoring.

Clients will be pleased that these don't harm children, pets or the environment.

Quantity: 150 Bulk packed - 2 Traps per unit for a total of 300 traps.

Victor® Roach And Insect Glue Trap MonitorLure, trap and monitor cockroaches and other crawling insects with Victor® Roach and Insect Glue Trap Monitors. Each case includes 150 two pack traps, making these the perfect trap for property managers, exterminators and contractors. Every trap includes two adhesive strips – one to trap the insects and the other to help stick the trap in place. The traps are also infused with a scent bait, which helps lure problem insects to them. To use these traps, fold along the perforations and set them near suspected insect activity. Once the trap is full, just toss it into the garbage.


Model # BM327
For use against Cockroaches, waterbugs, crickets and other crawling insects
Quantity 150 two-packs (300 traps total)
Weight 4.3 lb
Dimensions 8 in x 5.5 in x 7.75 in
  • Poison free - insects are trapped on sticky interior surface
  • Scented to attract cockroaches and other insects
  • Easy to use, just fold along perforations
  • Each trap includes an adhesive strip that allows you to secure it to most locations
  • Bulk, generic packaging saves you money