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Victor® Easy Set® Mouse Trap - 72 Traps

The Victor® Easy Set® Mouse Trap takes our original #1 selling wooden wire snap trap and adds a large, pre-baited plastic cheese pedal for even more effective mouse control.  This trap delivers instant rodent control and is safe for household use. Its superior quality and effectiveness are why more than a billion snap traps have been sold since we invented them in 1898. And why they’re the pest control professionals trap of choice.

Victor® Easy Set® Mouse Traps are made in the U.S.A. using Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified wood. The FSC® promotes the use of wood from sustainable sources to help preserve and protect our forests for generations to come.


Note the firm and sensitive settings on the yellow trip pedal.  When firm is selected, the trap will be easier to set but slightly more difficult to trip.  On sensitive, the trap will be more difficult to set but slightly easier to trip.  For the best accuracy and outcome, we recommend setting the trap somewhere between these two settings.  Once a rodent triggers the oversized pedal, the trap immediately snaps closed to kill the mouse on contact.  Simply lift the kill bar to dispose of the mouse, and reuse the trap.  Or, dispose of the entire trap for quick, clean removal.  It’s your decision.

The Victor® Easy Set® Mouse Traps can be used anywhere in the home.  Place traps several feet apart along any wall where you’ve seen or suspect rodent activity.  Easy Set traps don’t use chemicals or poisons, so they’re ideal for use around children and pets—but please use caution.

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My Favorite Mouse Trap

I've been a pest control professional for 13 years. Of the various brands and styles of mouse traps out there, the M325 is my go to trap. I like the larger pad, and the M325 are a little quicker to set that side set spring traps. I recommend not wasting money on many of the various "no see em" traps; most are not nearly as effective. These are easy to set and with enough traps and patience, you'll always get your mouse. Although I have read reviews that remark that no bait is needed (and have seen instructions to the same), I recommend a dab of peanut butter to increase your catch rate. - Daniel's Wildlife Pest Services

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These work great especially with long lasting professional bates. - Ken

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