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Victor® Easy Set® Gopher Trap 0610

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Victor® Easy Set® Gopher Trap 0610

When you see gopher holes popping up in your yard, you'll want to have one of these on hand.   The Victor® Easy Set® Gopher Trap effectively kills gophers without the use of chemicals or poisons.  The trap features galvanized steel construction for superior strength and durability.  The trap’s narrow design with short base allows for easy insertion into gopher tunnels and keeps moving parts completely below the surface, safely away from children and pets

Victor® Easy Set® Gopher Traps are easy to use and come fully assembled.  As the most reliable gopher trap on the market, you can rest assured that your yard is safe from the damaging effects of gophers.

Gopher trapping can be done at any time of year, but generally is easiest and most effective during Spring & Fall.  Once gopher activity is detected it is important to move quickly as pregnant females can be caught before giving birth to her family.

Traps are most effective when placed in the gopher tunnel and with 2 traps back to back.  The hole should be covered up with dirt so that it appears as if the trap is part of the runway.

When used correctly, traps produce a catch within 48 hours.  It is best to move the trap to another location in the runway if you do not catch a gopher in this timeframe.

Victor® – Innovative Rodent Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 115 Years.

Victor® Easy Set® Gopher Trap

  • Easy Set® design
  • Galvanized steel construction for superior strength and durability
  • Narrow design with short base allows for easy insertion
  • Moving parts are completely below the ground surface, safely away from children and pets
  • Can be used in all soil types
  • Two traps placed back to back in tunnel is ideal
  • Fully assembled
  • For clean and quick trapping
  • Non-toxic - no chemicals or poisons
  • Springtime is best for trapping
  • Reusable




About Victor®Victor® has been a trusted name in rodent control since 1898. Since the invention of the spring-based trap over 115 years ago, we have been continuously striving to manufacture innovative, quality products that keep your family safe from the dangers of rodents. With a variety of electronic traps, snap traps and repellents available, Victor® has a broad selection of products to meet the needs of consumers.



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